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The 10 point history behind the potter 

Where do you make the pottery?

The magic happens in my garage studio. When I first started Pots By Teri, we moved all of the garage storage into a car port and my husband began construction on my large work bend to make room for the ceramic operation. A couple weeks after construction, we had new shelving, hooked up all of the kilns, and installed a kitchen sink.

When did you start Pots By Teri?

In 2019 I started listing pieces on my Etsy shop in very small batches. What it is now was nothing like it was back then. I began with a very small customer base. As I progressed, my husband and I began construction on my own studio in 2020. After construction, that broadened my capacity for ceramic making and that was when Pots By Teri really started to grow.

What was your early pottery experiences like?

After the completion of the studio, I began taking custom orders which helped me learn and worked every day trying to get better and trying to learn more about running a business as I had no prior business experience or education.Youtube was my tool for learning the unknown and I used that resource for glaze mixing, handling mugs, glazing techniques, among many others!  I shared my experiences and learning processes on instagram which helped me grow my customer base. It was an authentic interaction, as I have had lots of pieces explode in the kiln due to my own impatience and stress. Thankfully, you learn as you go and I was able to overcome some of these challenges!  

Do you run Pots By Teri  full time?

Yes! Very full time :) I really never stop working on it. I eat and breathe the job. I am so passionate about it and I have made it my mission to provide my customers with a product that is a representation of something that goes beyond just a hobby. As a mom of 3, work-life balance can always be a challenge, but I get better each and every day.

What equipment do you use?

I have two wheels and two kilns, one smaller in size and one that is larger. I have a variety of pottery tools used for throwing, trimming, attaching handles, etc...Information on some of my favorite tools can be found on mu instagram page.

What are your favorite pottery pieces to make?

I love mugs! They're the most intimate piece of pottery that I make. The fact that the piece has to fit nicely and comfortably in your hands and feel nice on your lips as well as look beautiful and different means that I have had to really work hard at creating a unique but still functional piece. People always seem to be in search of "that perfect mug" that represents their style and comfort. 

Do your husband or kids help with Pots By Teri?

My husband is the tech and handyman. He helps me with the technical stuff that I just can't grapple with. If something goes wrong with my kiln, he's there to help and calm me down and find a solution.  My kids give me moral support but my oldest is now at the age where I have hired her to do some work for me like sanding pieces or weighing out clay. It definitely is not a one man operation! 

Do you have a side job aside from pottery?

Pottery is my full time job. I have a part time assistant as well that I hired in 2021 when things really started to pick up and it was hard to keep up. She helps with running errands, weighing and wedging the clay, sanding, and packages the finished product. She also cleans the studio and works on recycling the clay. She's a huge help!!

What did you do before Pots By Teri?

Prior to pottery, I was a full time stay at home mom! The kids were really little and it was important that I focused on them. I started working full time once they were of school age.

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