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What you need to know before the big day!


WHEN: Friday, February 17th @ 10 am PST

WHERE: | Access the sale from your phone, tablet, or laptop



This is a pre-order. Meaning, I will only begin making your pieces AFTER the sale on the 17th. I am currently promoting the work I will be offering on my instagram feed and stories. I will continue doing so up until the sale begins. I only have the two hands I was born with [darn it!] so this only allows me to take out so many pieces before it gets to the point where I won't be able to fulfill all orders in a decent amount of time. I would like to keep the turnaround time to about 8-12 weeks as an estimate. Depending on what you order, I could have your pieces done and sent out on the earlier end or the later. During the sale, once I hit my maximum amount of items sold, I will shut down the entire sale simultaneously so make sure to be punctual and have a game plan beforehand! I will have a preview up the night before and morning of so you can see where everything is located. You can join us on instagram stories throughout the pre order months to see where I am in the making process! I'll be sure to always keep you in the loop there!


What will you see in this sale? Mugs! Of course!

Mugs are my jam! You will always see a variety of mugs in my shop. I will be offering 11 different styles during this pre-order.


There will be 3 varieties of tumblers

Spoon Rests + Soap Dishes

Garlic Keepers

Pour Overs

Butter Dishes

Sourdough Bowls

Low Bowl

Tapered Bowl


And that's all folks!

I hope you find something you can love and cherish! I've had such a blast creating with you over these past few weeks since the new year. You all help keep the joy of making alive in this potter of yours and I will be eternally in your debt. THANK YOU!

Now may the odds be ever in your favor come February 17th :)

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