Preorder How-To

So! This is how preorders work. A few times each year I release a preorder on my website. I announce each preorder via Instagram and newsletter 2 weeks in advance, along with what will be offered. I also make a countdown for Instagram followers (Please set a reminder on your phone 1 hour prior as well to ensure you don't miss out!). Preorders go very quickly. Unfortunately, I only have two hands and can only create so much in a 12-14 week time frame. I wish I could make sure everyone gets everything they want every preorder. But that's very tricky. I hope you'll understand!

Once your order is placed, and the preorder has ended, then I get to work! I begin the process of making each piece and share this process via video and pictures on my instagram feed. We get to enjoy the step by step making of your pieces together! I even share the packaging and shipping stage! Once everything is shipped out,  I then prepare once again for the next preorder, and the madness begins all over.

I am so grateful for every single one of my customers and it brings me so much joy that you have chosen my work to be apart of your everyday life. I love seeing where my pieces end up and how they're being loved, so please feel free to share and tag me on IG!